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Treatments For Aging Skin – Do They Really Work?

I’m entering into my forties and I’m finding that my own skin care needs have changed. I find myself wondering,” What treatments for aging skin are out there and do they really work?” My own mother had surgery for her sagging facial skin and it seemed a little extreme.

Like most women, I think I am vein, but not enough to put my face under the knife. In fact, working in a salon and spa environment most of my life, really exposed me to all the different treatments out there.

Treatments to treat wrinkles, large pores, small lips and most anything you can conceive.

However, now it’s my skin so it’s time to do the research.

All the Treatments for Aging Skin

It has been a while since I have really looked into the new treatments available for aging skin. With all the new technology available to us I decided to do a little digging and see what treatments are available now, so I could make my own decision.

Here is a list that I compiled:                                                           dermaroller

  • Botox – Anti wrinkle treatment
  • Laser Treatments
  • Liquid face lifts
  • Micro-thread lifts
  • Non-surgical skin tightening
  • Dermaroller
  • Vampire Facial ( :-0 )
  • Redermaliztion mesotherapy
  • Thermage skin tightening treatments

While a lot of the treatments mentioned above have been around for a while some of these terms are completely new to me. And if you’re like me some of these terms really have you thinking. I mean what really is a Vampire facial and is it really a thing?

Vampire Facial – It’s a thing

The vampire facial was originally known as a sports’ treatment used for treating injured tendons. Brace yourself it is as gross as it sounds. This is a process where the Doctor takes your blood and spins it in a way where they can remove your platelets and plasma. Then they use it on your face and there are even hair treatmenst for baldness. (don’t think I’ll be trying this one anytime soon)

Profractional Laser

You may have heard of this by now, or better yet, seen it on Chelsea Handler. Apparently, she took her audience by storm when she posted before and after photos on her Instagram.

Chelsea Handler

This treatment targets trouble areas deep in the skin without harming other surrounding areas. It also promotes new collagen production. The upside depends on how strong of a treatment you get but there is very little down time.


This device is quite interesting. Used by celebrity Jennifer Aniston as her claim to youthful looking skin. Much like a lint roller, this handheld device is covered in tiny needles.

To use the dermaroller you simply roll it over you skin creating tiny puncture wounds. The idea is that the tiny puncture wounds trigger skin repair that again produces collagen.

Before I go any further in depth with these treatments let’s consider there may be something that we can do at home, naturally.


How to Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

Let’s face it some of those treatments sound down right scary. It led me to think that maybe, just maybe, I could reduce wrinkles naturally.

It seems as though there are still some theories that have been around forever, out there. One is that the more oily your skin is, the less you will show signs of aging or wrinkles. To help aid in preventing aging some natural oils are recommended. They are:                                     Avacado-oil

  • Olive oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Shea oil
  • Rose oil

Applying these natural oils to your skin at night as a moisturizer is thought to prevent your skin from drying out or aging.

It is also recommended using a moisturizing face mask once a week that includes some essential oil. Now this brings me back to when I went to cosmetology school.

Natural Skin Care Regimen’s That Work

My teacher had beautiful skin and when questioned about her regimen she explained her facial routine. It went something like this: At least once or twice a week she religiously locked herself in her bathroom and put on a facial mask. Then after removing she used a moisturizer to massage her skin on her face and basically exercise her facial muscles.

The idea here is that by working these muscles properly it allows more oxygen and more nourishment to reach the skin. It is also good for toning and tightening the muscles to produce firmer more radiant skin that glows.

I think it’s worth a try; what do you think?


The Latest Skin Treatments (Continued)

In case you still want more information about some of the latest skin treatments, let’s finish where we left off.

Redermalization Mesotherapy

This is a new one for me so let’s take a look at redermalization mesotherapy in case you haven’t heard of this before. I was actually shocked to read that this is Madonna’s treatment for aging skin. Here is the clincher though, she get’s these treatments on her hands.

Now that might sound crazy to some people but I somewhat get this reasoning. One of my best friends used to tell me that the first sign of aging can be found by looking at a woman’s hands. Due to the fact that my hands have been in water, with chemicals most of my, life I recently realized how true this theory is.

Redermalization therapy consists of 80 to 100 injections in one treatment. It is also worth mentioning that they are somewhat uncomfortable. The injections consist of amino acids, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are thought to rejuvenate you skin.

Thermage Skin Tightening Treatments

Thermage skin tightening treatments have a lot of upsides to them compared to some other methods we have covered. It is non- invasive with a quick recovery time and is a good alternative to having a face lift.

This treatment relies on heat to tighten underlying areas of the skin. It provides a noticeably different reduction in wrinkles and sagging skin in the jowls, neck or brow area. It can also be done to other parts of the body.

Now that we have covered some of these new treatments I thought maybe looking at actual skin care products could be beneficial too.


Treatments or Natural Remedies You Decide


In essence all of these treatments and all natural remedies are really dependent on a person. How far do you want to go to get rid of you wrinkles? Or better yet how much are you willing to spend?

Do you want to recover immediately or stay overnight in an out patient room?

For me, I tend to want to spend the least amount with a non-invasive approach. I like the idea of using the mask with the oils and trying the facial exercises on my face. Couple that with the dermaroller and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a new skin regimen.

How about you? What are you going to try or already doing that is working.

Leave me a comment with some of you beauty regimen that you are using. 🙂






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  1. Yes I found this very interesting. I have a conversation with a good friend regularly about whether spending loads of money or using natural remedies is best. I’m the nature side she’s the money. I have been trying to get her to simply exfoliate then put plain yogurt all over her face. She finds it all just too tribal or something lol but I said even Cleopatra bathed in I think mules milk? Anyway after the yogurt sucks up into your skin you rinse off with warm water and it is like a baby’s behind.. I swear. Stick with nature ladies. She’s reliable.

    1. Ha ha!! Yes, I love your take on it. Doing the research on this definitely made me want to stick with natural remedies. I also wrote about anti aging skin care products that work and you don’t have to “break the bank” to afford them. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  2. I like your post. Great job on explaining everything. I knew your skin regimen was what helped take away wrinkles, but I didn’t know about the different oils. I definitely learned something. Wish you the best!

  3. dina says:

    Wow, very helpful information.
    I will start considering using some of your tips, I like how you did cover a lot of information about this topic and how your knowledge can help a lot of ladies out there.
    Thank you so much for the tips.

    1. Great, I’m glad I could help you. Take a look at this article about anti- aging skin care products, if you are looking for products that are affordable, as well. 🙂

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