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How To Take Care Of False Eyelashes – Are They Reusable?

False eyelashes are a fashion accessory must-have these days. And with all the trouble we go through to get these things on, surely it is worth examining how to take care of false eyelashes. Reusing them seems like the only way to go.

Let’s face it, false eyelashes are not easy to get the correct length, shape and style just perfect. But once you do; who wants to just throw them away? Not this girl. So let’s examine the best false eyelash practices out there.

The Best False Eyelashes

Before we dive into caring for false eyelashes let’s look at what some best false eyelashes are. We don’t want to waste our time caring for these things if they aren’t going to last; right?

caring for eyelashes

So what different types of false eyelashes are there?

  • Magnetic
  • Individual
  • Strip lashes
  • Mink Lashes – or all natural

While if you are a beginner they say that strip eyelashes are the easiest to apply, and the most affordable. It is worth exploring these other options. I myself have applied strip eyelashes and they are not always easy.

You can get strip lashes and reuse them if you care for them properly. However, if you don’t take good care of them, forget trying to get a second use out of these suckers because it isn’t fun!

Magnetic eyelashes are now the latest and greatest. Their claim to fame is that they are easy to use because you do not have to use adhesive with them.

Eyelash adhesive happens to be very complicated if you haven’t used it. It also has ingredients in it that can be very harmful. So, if you have sensitive skin or eyes you may want to avoid trying these other types of lashes and go straight for the magnetic lashes.

The top rated magnetic eyelashes are a little pricey compared to your strip, drugstore eyelashes. Expect to spend around $50 – $80 for a good pair like the ones you will find at One Two Cosmetics.

If you have just fallen on the floor over this price; pick yourself up because the price is worth it! These amazing eyelashes are completely reusable, lightweight and easy to use. No fuss over the adhesive, and they come with an applicator tool to help you apply them.

These magnetic eyelash extensions, when cared for properly, can last you several months even with daily usage. So do the math and average the time that these babies last plus the time you are going to save from not having to deal with messy glue, and your golden. 🙂

beautiful eyelashes


Ardell Eyelashes

These false eyelashes seem to be the second top rated lashes next to One Two eyelash extensions. Not ready to commit to magnetic eyelashes? Then these lashes are a good way to break in your new-look without “breaking the bank.”

They come in a variety of styles from daytime natural looks all the way to dramatic evening looks. They also come in strip eyelashes and individual eyelashes.

It is worth mentioning that if you are not experienced with applying these that individual eyelashes can be very tricky. You must have a steady hand to apply such small strands a little at a time and be prepared to lose your natural lashes when removing.

The price for these eyelashes ranges from as little as $2.75 – $49. If you apply the strip lashes they are supposed to last up to three weeks with the proper care. Individual lashes are supposed to last up to six weeks. (good luck with that one)


What is the Best Glue for Eyelashes

Now that we’ve discovered some different types of false eyelashes, plus top rated eyelashes, let’s start exploring how to take care of them, so they really last.

Now that you’ve purchased your set of false eyelashes whether it is strip lashes or individual your faced with purchasing adhesive next. So, what is the best glue for eyelashes?

There are three types of adhesive, clear, white or black. The black adhesive is supposed to go over your lash line and further accentuate your eyeliner. In other words when you completely miss your lash line with your false eyelashes but they are finally secure, you can go over the lash line with the black adhesive giving it a liner look.

The white adhesive, in my experience is messy, shows up everywhere and just an all around waste of time. Why not just skip the hassle and go straight for the clear?

You can always go over your lash line with a liquid eyeliner when you are done. This will cover up some, if any, mess from the glue or unevenness.

My pick for the best adhesive is…. DUO. Duo has been around for 60 years, it is affordable, compact and comes in clear or black. The product is latex-based so if you’re allergic to latex this is another reason to go ahead and try the magnetic eyelashes from One Two and do yourself a favor.


Remove False Eyelashes – and Store Them Properly

You finally got your new pair of strip eyelashes on and you’ve even gotten them to last for a full day. Yay!

Now how do you go about removing the false eyelashes in a way that you can reuse them?false eyelash container

The first thing you should know is don’t just pull your lashes out like nobody’s tomorrow. This could result in removing your own eyelashes so please, do it gently.

Gently removing the false eyelashes

You’ll want to start at the end of your lash line and gently start pulling up on the band. Your eyelid may start to come up a little and if it does, you can always take your other hand and gently hold your eyelid down.

If you have a hard time lifting the lashes up, take a Q-tip and dip it into makeup remover or baby oil and apply over the lash line. Let this dry for 30 seconds and then try again.

After removing your lashes you will want to gently remove the left over adhesive from the band. Adding the makeup remover will also help with this.

Last, before putting them away, you’ll want to clean them with alcohol. It is very important to do this if you plan on reusing them. Again for applying the alcohol you will want to use another Q-tip.

Then put them back in their package to store them in. Place them in the container the way they came to keep the shape in them and then they will be ready to reuse for next time. 🙂

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Ready To Rock Those Lashes

In conclusion, we learned the different types of lashes. Magnetic lashes really seem to be the easiest way to reuse your false eyelashes. They are simple to apply and can last for a very long time since there is no adhesive being applied to them.

One Two Cosmetics is the way to if you are purchasing magnetic eyelash extensions. Strip eyelashes are more affordable and can last up to three weeks.

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The best rated strip eyelashes are, Ardell. Ardell also has individual eyelashes for the brave beauty lovers!

When removing your lashes, you must use a makeup remover to ease pulling them away. Also, remove all the excess glue after you are done. Always clean your lashes with alcohol and store them in the container.

What false eyelashes are you using? Have you tried magnetic eyelashes? What are the pro’s and con’s for you? Let me know, beauty lovers. Leave me some of your tips and tricks below. Until next time.






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