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How To Get Fuller Eyelashes -In Minutes

Every woman, at one point in their life, has to wonder how to get fuller eyelashes. This has always been a problem for me. I have very fine, straight hair and it continues throughout my eyelashes.

This is my full proof way to get thick, curly, fuller looking eyelashes in minutes.

Good Eyelash Curler

The first thing I do is use my eyelash curler. Now, I don’t know about you, but if you curl your eyelashes you most likely already have a favorite eyelash curler.  Eyelash Curler

I don’t have to use an expensive eyelash curler but there is a specific kind that I prefer. I can’t use an eyelash curler that is all metal because it just bends my eyelashes. I prefer one that has a plastic replaceable band in it. I typically buy mine at Ulta and I only spend between $7-$10 on it. If it cost more than that you might want to re-evaluate what you are purchasing.

After you have an eyelash curler that works good for you the next step has been a little secret of mine for several years. I take my hair dryer and warm up my eyelash curler like I would blow my hair dry, kind of. I just blow the curler with hot air for around a minute to get it hot but not too hot because you’ll burn your eyes. (kids don’t try this at home)

You might be thinking this is crazy when you can just buy an eyelash curler that heats up; right? No, those things are garbage and they cost too much money. This is just my opinion of course. If you have one you use and love, go for it.

Waterproof Mascara

This is the most important part to me. If you have a favorite mascara yourself then go ahead and apply that as your next step. If you don’t then let me tell you another secret, I learned several years ago, that can help you.

If you have straight hair naturally, then like me, you have straight eyelashes. If you have curly hair then you are most likely extremely lucky and have beautiful curly eyelashes. Either way I learned a long time ago that if your eyelashes are really straight then you should be using waterproof mascara. No waterproof mascara isn’t just for wedding’s and funeral’s.

I’m not sure why this is true but from my own experience I will tell you when I switched to waterproof mascara, it changed my eyelash world! Now my eyelashes stay curled up after curling them. It lasts all day or at least six hours and if I apply mascara properly it doesn’t clump.     Waterproof Mascara

I use Loreal Voluminous mascara in black noir, waterproof. This is one of two products I can use from the drug store that doesn’t have to be from Sephora or Ulta. I am not a fan of drug store makeup, however, there are a couple of exceptions. This is one of them.

Properly Applying Mascara

There is a way to properly apply mascara so let’s make sure we cover this. You only want to apply it one coat at a time. After you apply your first coat on the top and bottom lashes let it dry for at least 2-3 minutes. Then come back and apply your second coat being careful not to cake it on to heavy.

If you apply your mascara too thick or cake it on and it starts to clump, there is a trick for that as well. You may have heard about this trick or maybe not. Take a safety pin and carefully use the sharp end of it to run through your lashes after they are dry to break up and remove clumps. I know this is another, don’t try this at home, trick.

Step 2 to Having Fuller Eyelashes

I heat up my eyelash curler and apply my mascara then I let my mascara dry while continuing to get ready. This is usually when I flat iron my hair. I feel like the longer I wait to put the finishing touches on my eyelashes the better they look.

Then I go ahead and look at my eyelashes and evaluate how they are curling. If they are curling straight up then I will apply another layer of mascara and be done. If they fall back to straight down I re-heat my eyelash curler and start all over again.

Here is another useful tip. Instead of just putting the eyelash curler all the way to the beginning of your eyelashes and curling them, you can hit them once at the bottom, then in the middle, and then curl them at the end of the strand. This will ensure that they don’t just curl straight up.

After I am happy with how they are curling I will re-apply another coat of mascara. This is the last and final step. If you do this and go back and see that they are clumpy you can use something to get the clumps out, after they dry.

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Beautiful Eyelashes All Day

This is what I do every day to achieve fuller, thicker eyelashes all day long. Of course, if I am going out at night I will re-curl them, heating up my eyelash curler and doing the whole process one more time to freshen up. For the most part though this look lasts all day long for me.

It is a small price to pay to have curly, thick, fuller eyelashes; don’t you think? Let me know what you think, or even what you do to achieve thick, full eyelashes.







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