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Fall Hair Color For Every Women

It is almost that time of year when the weather changes and the leaves start to hit the ground. You guessed it, fall.

But just because it’s fall does it really mean every woman needs to update their hair color? Personally, I think yes. Everyone needs some updating now and again and you want to stay fresh right?

Today we’re going to talk about fall hair color every woman should be transitioning to at this time of year. Whether you have blond hair or walnut brown hair there is a way for you to transition into perfectly warm hair for fall.

What are the fall colors?

You may be asking yourself what are the fall colors? Typically, any color that has warmth in it and is considered a good color for fall. Think about what happens during the fall with the weather.

The leaves change colors from green to brown, orange and even a reddish color. So keeping that in mind, these are typically the colors incorporated into your hair color for fall.

fall leaves

There is warm chestnut brown, copper red tones, golden hues, and don’t forget plum reds as well.

If you have blonde hair, don’t fret, there is a fall color for you as well. There are several ways for you as a blonde to warm up your hair for fall without going completely brown.

Think about all the famous actresses that have blond hair, Sharon Stone, Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, Scarlet Johansson are just to name a few. These lovely ladies have all traded in their blonde locks in the past for a warmer hue.


How to Subtly add Fall Colors in to Your Current Color.

There are several ways to transition your current color into a warmer version. If you are scared of doing something drastic to your hair, no need to worry.

I’m going to give you some examples of things you can do to gradually transition into a fall hair color.

One example of a subtle way to incorporate a warmer hair color into your hair is to give it lowlights. Lowlights are exactly what they sound like. This is a way of using a darker shade of color to add into your hair the same as you would if you were highlighting. So, if you go to the hairdresser and you get foils put into your hair, for example, instead of having her highlight with a lighter color, you would have her use a darker shade instead.

Another idea is to incorporate several colors into your hair while highlighting it or lowlighting.

Blonde Hair Ideas.

Here is an example of a subtle transformation from blonde hair to a warmer shade of blonde that I have used in the salon many times myself. Using three different colors for a highlight, one color is a very light pale blonde, the next color would be a more natural blonde two levels darker than the previous blonde, and for the third color use a more natural level of brown.

Highlighting and lowlighting your hair at the same time is a perfect way to subtly add variations of color, for whatever look you are trying to achieve.ย ย blonde hair

Another suggestion for you ladies out there who have blond hair, is to let your roots grow out a little longer than you normally would (2-3 months). And why not take this look one step further, you’ve already got highlights and lowlights, why not add some depth with longer roots than normal and applying a warm toner over your highlighted locks.

This is a safe, fun and easy way to try out a darker hue for fall without going to drastic. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you prefer red hair, you could incorporate a red low light instead of using the blonde in the above example. For instance, if your hair is a natural rich brown you could highlight your hair with a copper red color and also lowlight your hair with a deeper red to really give your color some depth and variation.

These are all great ideas of how to enhance your color for fall. Literally, I could go on and on with color variations.ย example of highlights lowlights



When Should I Incorporate Fall Color into my Hair?

There really is no exact time that is perfect to transition your hair into a fall color.

The way I like to think about this is, When do you start to wear more fall like clothing? That is when you will want to start transitioning your hair into more of a fall hue.

Unfortunately, I live in Florida, so the weather here doesn’t change until November or December. A lot of people, located in colder parts of the world, like to start dressing for fall after Labor Day. Whenever you feel comfortable, go ahead and make that hair appointment and start changing your hair to get ready for fall. There is no right or wrong dates just don’t wait to make your hair appointment until after New Year’s Eve. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What if My Hair Color is Already Dark?

You may be asking yourself, what am I going to do my hair is already dark? Don’t worry, there are still some things you can do to your already dark hair, to get that fall look youโ€™re dreaming of.

If your hair is a medium dark brown and you want to try something different for fall, think about incorporating some golden tones for a little sparkle.

You can do this by highlighting your hair with a warm golden blonde color, just two levels lighter than your dark hair. Another way to enhance your warm brown hair, is to highlight it with a mahogany red tone, perfect for the fall.ย dark hair

There are many tones to highlight you’re already dark hair to bring a nice fall look. Don’t be afraid to be daring and try something new.

If you color your hair a dark or medium brown, to cover gray or just to enhance it, you can also throw a toner over your entire color with a red ton in it just to warm it up some. You don’t have to color your whole head red for fall but just a subtle hint of red is nice.



In conclusion, there are several ways you can add a colorful hue to your hair for fall without going drastic.

You can add several variations of warm tones to your hair by highlighting or lowlighting. Or you can just simply throw a toner over your hair color and add a hint of red or copper to your already dark brown hair.

Don’t forget for you blondes out there you have several options available to you. You can incorporate a warmer tone throughout your already blond hair by lowlighting. Or you can choose to grow out your roots and lowlight your hair then add a toner all over your hair color to tone it down a little bit for fall.

Regardless, of which shade you choose there are several options listed here for fall. Let me know in the comments below what you do with your hair for fall to change up your style a little bit.

As always I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I look forward to hearing from you and hearing what you’ve chosen to do with your look for fall!




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  1. Katy Mullaney says:

    Great tips! I am excited to be hitting the fall season and look forward to incorporating some of your ideas into my own hair!

    1. Thanks, Katy. I know I personally love Fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Franchesca,
    Your website is very inviting and beautiful, especially for those who are looking for a change. The various ideas to enhance the hair have been noted and will be passed on to my friends.Thank you for sharing.

    Your friend,

    1. Hi Maxine,
      Thank you. I think every woman get’s stuck in the same routine now and then and needs some help spicing things up. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Glad you stopped by.


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