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Best Amazon Prime Day Deals – Starting Today

Sitting here writing  this today, it is the first day of Amazon Prime Day Deals. I usually don’t like to date my articles but I figured for this particular event I could make an exception. Today it is all about the best Amazon Prime Day Deals and what they will be offering. Amazon has at this point almost taken over the world.

I find myself wondering though; Will Amazon have deals in Beauty or Hair Care? Or do they tend to just give deep discounts to electronics?


Prime Day Deals – Are They Worth It?

Amazon Prime Day Deals

I find myself asking this question every year now for the last three years. Are these Prime Day Deals worth it? I suppose after looking over Amazons site the answer is yes. You just have to know what you want to get a deal on and watch the product. Hope that something you want goes on sale during this “Marketing Event”.

Let’s face it, Amazon can afford the best marketing team there is out there. This Prime Day Deals event really just creates a buzz and a sense of urgency ultimately leading you to stay on the Amazon site and watch products that you want to purchase. This is by far a huge marketing SCORE!

Now Amazon is starting the deals early before the “sacred” Prime Day Deals start at 3:00! – Genius, if you ask me. Let’s take a look at what is on sale now.

It appears Amazon is giving some deep discounts on all of their very own electronics. And again,”Why Not”? Another marketing slam dunk. I checked the early specials and they are all on electronics and gadgets. Here is a list:

  • Fire Tablets
  • Fire Tv
  • Kindle E-Readers
  • Alexa and Echo
  • Dash Buttons
  • Accessories

As Prime Day Deals go the discounts are ranging from as little as 15% off, up to 50% off. So, if you are like me and need more Alexa in you life today is the day you’ve been waiting for.

What about beauty products though? You know I’m in it for the makeup, hair and any kind of tool available in these categories. 😉

—>Amazon Prime Day Deals<—


Kylie Jenner Makeup – Does Amazon Sell It?

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz lately about Kylie Jenner. If not please remove the rock you’ve been hiding under and listen closely. Kylie Jenner was just announced as being the youngest person-ever to be a self-made billionaire, at the age of 21.                                       Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

Yes, while this has kicked up a ton of controversy, around the self-made part, I tend to think at least she did something with the fame she was given. She now has Kylie Cosmetics which is valued at nearly $800 million dollars. 😛

Now I have yet to try the Kylie Lip Gloss or the highly coveted Kylie Birthday Edition Matte Liquid Lipstick. Like most of you these are the things that run through my head when I think Amazon Prime Day Deals. So, I did a little research and much to my surprise Amazon does carry the Kylie Cosmetics line, to some extent.

Here is a short list of Amazons list of Kylie Jenner cosmetics consisting  of:

  • Fashion Kylie Birthday Edition Matte Liquid Lipstick – $15.98
  • Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss Metal Matte Lipstick – $14.99
  • KoKo K Lip Kit – $49.95
  • Highlighter Cotton Candy Cream Makeup Powder – $36.98
  • Naughty EyeShadow Palette – $65.99

Also, various t-shirts and apparel. None of which interest me at ALL. Will you be watching these products to see if they go on sale?


Stores Competing with Amazon

So, since Amazon is taking the world by storm, there are several stores competing with Amazon on Prime Day Deals. This sparked my interest because not everyone want to purchase an Alexa or Echo Dot. Take a look at the long list of Stores competing with Amazon’s online store this year.

These are just a few online retailers trying to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day Deals. This really sparked my interest to find out what kind of sales they would be holding or better yet what products would be on sale.

Much to my surprise Macy’s is offering FREE shipping on all online purchases until Tuesday. Now this is great news since Macy’s offers a wide variety of my favorite beauty products that are also on sale. They are calling their sale the Black Friday Special. I have no idea how that name was born seeing as it is Monday but hey who are we to judge.

Target is offering a one-day sale for Tuesday 7/17 online only. This seems pretty good as well and they are offering a sneak peek today. 😉   Online Deals

Walmart has a Summer Sale going on in almost every department from what I can tell and the nice part about this is how organized everything is on the website. Amazons website is sometimes frustrating and a bit overwhelming to me.

Take a look at some of these great deals out there and be sure to let me know what you, Prime Day Deal, purchases are.


Walmart USA Online Shopping – Versus Amazon Prime Day Deals

I don’t know if you have noticed but Walmart online store seems to be carrying a lot of things to compete with Amazon. I have noticed it lately because I’m always looking for the best deals on product’s that I review. Smart of Walmart to compete by adding things like grocery delivery.

They have a category named Ultimate Summer Savings with their “Top Deals” in it as well. They have quite a bit marked of their electronics and they have something in every category. So rather than watch for an item going on sale you can simply go there and purchase it. (smart marketing too) I mean who want to compete over the last Alexa?


All These Sales and Such Little Time

With all of these sales happening what are you planning on purchasing? Are you saving up for a big ticket item that could be on a flash sale? Maybe a flat iron or a hair dryer? Or a whole set of makeup brushes? Let me know what you discount purchases are beauty lovers.








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