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Affordable Anti-Aging Skin Products – Are They As Good?

Let’s face it we all look to purchase anti aging skin care products at some point and time. So, who says they have to be expensive? There has to be affordable anti aging skin care products that really work.

I suddenly have reached an age where this is the top of mind when thinking about my skin care regimen. After consulting with dermatologist and skin care specialist these are some answers I was given and I thought I would share.


Dermatologist Recommend

Dermatologist recommend that the most important thing is having a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer includes, a good sunscreen and SPF.   sunscreen moisturizer

It’s great to have a tan but as we get older it is never recommended by the dermatologist. The number one factor to having youthful skin is not getting sun damage or harmful UV rays.

Next in line check the labels of whatever you purchase. Make sure that the product has appropriate SPF, is hypoallergenic, and has the consumer hot line number on it for questions.

Also it is recommended not to trust the theory “clinically proven”. This only means it was given to a group of people and it does not mean the FDA has approved the product.

After you take into account the above items also remember:

  • Try one product at a time
  • When a product works, continue to use it (obviously)
  • If a product burns or tingles discontinue it

The last tip from the dermatologist, stay in your price range. It is easy to spend a large amount of money on these miracle creams but if you can’t afford it, then don’t.


Affordable Anti-Aging Products – Do they exist

I started thinking; are there affordable anti-aging products out there? And if there are; do they really work?

Remember, I have worked in the salon and spa industry most of my life. I am trained not to use over the counter beauty products, period. So if you tell me to try Olay Regenerist or anything like that my immediate reaction is NO!

I have already fallen into the trap of purchasing the No.7 line of skin care products. While some other blog’s, website’s etc. give No.7 great reviews, I do not think it is anything to write home about.

However, I have tried Clarins recently and I am a huge fan. They have quality products and ingredients all for a somewhat affordable price. It is more expensive than No.7 and less expensive than Kiehl’s for example.         Clarins eye cream

After doing more research, than I probably want to admit, I came across a product line with great reviews. This organic product line, with several anti-aging products, is a top- rated line at Amazon. Now having said that I checked by using and the reviews seem pretty legit.

Amara Organics

Yes, this is what I have found to be the most affordable, quality anti-aging product line. Have you heard of Amara Organics?

One anti-aging ingredient that they use, or rather their claim to fame, is hyaluronic acid.Hyalaunic acid

You may remember this ingredient from a previous blog I wrote about anti-aging treatments. They also use vitamin E, C, and aloe Vera.

Amara Organics top rated products for anti-aging are all around $20 and they are as follows:

  • Amara Organics Advanced Age Defying Moisturizer $21.95
  • Vitamin C Serum $17.95
  • Retinol Cream $19.95

It is worth mentioning that they are being recognized by beauty bloggers everywhere and the feeling seems to be mutual. They have acquired quite a lot of raving fans and I can see why.

—->Shop Amara Organics Here<—–


In Conclusion

When you are looking for your anti-aging skin care products remember some of these tips we discussed. Make sure your moisturizer has a good sunscreen it. Be sure to check the label for the ingredients. The top rated ingredients no matter what product line you go with is vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic Acid.

Most importantly, stay within your budget when picking these miracle creams and serums. This is one piece of advice that really stood out to me. I don’t have to break the bank to purchase affordable anti-aging skin care products.

As always, let me know what products you are using. Do you use a great cream or serum that is affordable? Let’s hear about it.







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  1. Hi Franchesca. Your post about anti aging skin care sure does bring out some home truths. There are a lot of companies out there selling shonky skin care products. Thank you for your honesty in reviewing some of the better products available. You’re correct in saying that the skin care product doesn’t have to “break the bank” as far as costs are concerned. The Amara ones you have reviewed are definitely well priced, compared to some less effective products on the market that can cost hundreds of dollars. Thanks for a great article. I’ll bring my wife back to have another look at your web site. Jim

    1. Thank you, Jim. Yes, you are correct in that you don’t have to break the bank to purchase good skin products. I am relieved to find this out. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to take care of your skin. 🙂


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