Derma Roller
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Derma Roller Reviews – Which Derma Roller is Right For You?

Recently, I have discovered derma rollers and to my surprise they are all the rage right now. Upon finding these miracle tools I realized there are a lot of derma rollers out there. So, I decided to find out which derma rollers have the best reviews. Let’s take a look at the best derma roller …

False eyelash

How To Take Care Of False Eyelashes – Are They Reusable?

False eyelashes are a fashion accessory must-have these days. And with all the trouble we go through to get these things on, surely it is worth examining how to take care of false eyelashes. Reusing them seems like the only way to go. Let’s face it, false eyelashes are not easy to get the correct …

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Affordable Anti-Aging Skin Products – Are They As Good?

Let’s face it we all look to purchase anti aging skin care products at some point and time. So, who says they have to be expensive? There has to be affordable anti aging skin care products that really work. I suddenly have reached an age where this is the top of mind when thinking about …

Hydrate Pureology
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Pureology Hydrate Shampoo And Conditioner – Review

Lately, I have been ranting about the best shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Well, the reason is that I use Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner in my hair. Recently though, I was at the beauty supply store and I made an impulse purchase (yes) and bought a different brand of hair care products. This …


Professional Hair Care Products – Are They Really Better?

Do you color your hair or chemically alter it in any way? Are you always searching for the best hair care products?  Ever stop and wonder if there is a difference between professional hair care products and drugstore products? Everyone knows that if you have dry, color treated, or chemically altered hair you need a …